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Tips for Those Who Have Never Tanned Before

24 hour tanning memberships are an option!

Plan to start slowly. Start at low intensity and increase gradually to avoid burning. If you are going on a trip, a month before is a good time to start. If you burn easily, tell us and we can make recommendations on which bed to use and start even more slowly. Depending upon which bed you choose, 2-3 times per week is best. You do not want to tan every day, not only does it dry your skin out, but your tan develops for a couple days after you sunbath or indoor tan. You should always wear protective eye wear. Please bring your eye wear with if you own a pair, we do sell them here or we have disposable single-use eye wear as well for a nominal fee.

It is best to use an indoor tanning lotion when using a bed. Not only do they keep your skin from drying out (dry skin burns faster) but they also help you to produce melanin faster. There are lotions with accelerators and bronzers. An accelerator helps you develop your tan faster, bronzers make you look tanner while you are developing your tan. There are also many other ingredients which help with anti-aging, anti-fade protection for tattoos, hot-tingle which makes you flush and gets you darker-faster, after-tan odor neutralizers, and silicone for a silky feeling lotion.

Don’t forget fragrances, they’re the best part of checking out our lotions. I love to smell them all first. Make sure your lotion is evenly applied, this ensures an optimal tan. If you apply it unevenly, your tan will not end up the way you want it. Before purchasing an entire bottle, you may buy a sample to see which one you prefer first!

We show you how to operate the bed and recommend a time to start at until you get acclimated. Halfway through your tanning session, move a little bit. Just an inch or two is all it takes. I like to use different beds every now and then. The stand up helps to eliminate any tan lines or pressure spots as you are positioning your body differently. Our standup is also the one that will burn the most, so try this cautiously.

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