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Pamper Yourself – You Deserve It!

This is where it really gets fun! Our spa beds will take you away from it all.  Relax in a private room.  We show you what to do and how to operate the bed. You just take some time for yourself. We can all use that once in awhile. This also makes a great gift for anyone, young or old.

Our spa treatment beds are just what you need to relax, rehydrate and rejuvenate. Try one of our Dermalife Spa Beds featuring lights, massage, steam, and near infrared creating the ultimate relaxation experience.

Spa Jet

Both Spa Beds utilize steam heat, vibratory massage, and near infrared heat. However the Spa Jet also has 360 degree’s of water massage! The colored lights will change and multi-color cross fades will change for varying effects. Hydrofusion is the result from the Near-Infrared Sauna combined with the steam heat.  This increases body temperature to cleanse and detoxify your body. It also helps reduce pain by improving blood flow to the soft tissues.

You choose which one is best!

It’s all up to you!

The Spa SE gets the warmest. If you like a good hot shower, you will like this bed! It has the steam heat and near infrared for hydrofusion as well. Colored lights and spa music give you the full experience. 30 minutes in duration is just long enough to take you away.

Did you know skin is an organ? It’s the largest organ humans have in fact. Keeping your skin healthy is important to your overall health. Our Hydrofusion process promotes collagen development, this allows for softer feeling skin. Ensuring that your body is prepared to absorb anti-aging ingredients is a goal of the Hydrofusion process.

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