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Light Therapy for Skin Disorders and Pain!

We don’t make you look like you just had surgery! Our method is non-invasive and won’t make you have to stay home for a week to recuperate. It simply promotes your skin to health and to rejuvenate itself. LED Light Therapy is good for so many things! It works on pain management, skin color, acne, scars, stretch marks, and inflammation. One session is only 15 minutes and you will be on your way to a better you and it costs allot less than surgery. No pain, no gain?! WRONG! We are a no pain method.

LED Light therapy is a gentle process by which energy is delivered to the skin via light emitting diodes (LED’s) and is absorbed by the cells for therapeutic benefits through a process called “photo-stimulation.” The various energy wavelengths (red, blue, infrared, green, and amber) penetrate the skin to different depths stimulating different metabolic activities, providing the energy cells need (ATP) to activate production of new collagen and elastin and increase circulation; leaving your skin healthier and younger-looking.  Two sessions per week are recommended for optimal results.  Even when you stop using our machine, improvements can still be seen even a few weeks after.


I personally have seen improvement in my TMJ pain after several sessions while I was doing a skin tightening program on my face.   So while it is helping one thing, there are other benefits you may notice as well.

Light Therapy Can Benefit:

Acne and Rosacea
Fine lines and Wrinkles
Hypo and Hyper Pigmentation
Irritated Skin
Bruises and Swelling
Sun Damaged Skin
Stretch Marks and Scars
Chronic Pain and Inflammation

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